Gustavo Leonel Gilardoni Avalle

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Nomes de citação: Gilardoni, G. L. / Gilardoni, Gustavo / Gilardoni, Gustavo L.
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minimal repair power law process Poisson process Reliability hierarchical models importance sampling approximate bayesian inference counting processes repairable systems nonhomogeneous poisson provess Imperfect repair greatest convex minorant linear opinion pool divergence markov chain monte carlo expert opinions information inequalities chi-squared and harmonic divergences constrained maximum likelihood estimation logarithmic opinion pool maximum likelihood estimation information or Kullback-Leibler divergence reference priors optimal maintenance total variation maintenance policies kernel estimate variational or L1 distance relative entropy perfect preventive maintenance posterior distribution conjugate prior amostrador de Gibbs bootstrap confidence bands multiple repairable systems optimal stopping virtual age model symmetric f-divergence Vajda's tight lower bound modelo linear de dose-resposta reference prior intensity function power law symmetric f-divergences Supra-bayesian modelling Reliability predictor total time on test bayesian inference recurrent events mixture distributions rejection sampling proper posterior Opinioes de Especialistas Goodness-of-fit age reduction Degradation non informative prior Mean cumulative function TRI virtual age existence of posterior moments bootstrap correction iinformation inequalities bounded intensity models log-linear process hidden markov models Meta-análise consensus cat hierarchical bayesian information criteria negative binomial sampling continuous wear-out Stationary Distribution modelos hierárquicos irrelevance of alternatives quasi-linear opinion pool nonhomogeneous Poisson process Tempo de Resposta jeffreys' prior maximum posterior density maintenance Bic